“Invest with family in mind” stands as a recommendation, a culture, a guiding principle, & the dominant perspective within which we manage your assets.

Our investment approach is designed to suit the unique needs of multi-generational families.

Long-Term Horizon

Pitcairn believes that family success is measured over generations. This long-term horizon requires a strategic approach to global asset allocation, one that is designed to maintain the purchasing power of the assets while carefully managing multiple sources of risk.

Goals-Based Investment Strategy

We think that it makes the most sense to begin with the end—a family’s goals—in mind. The first and most important step in determining an investment strategy is to work with a client to understand their objectives, their liquidity needs, their attitudes toward investment safety and risk-taking, and the nature of their entire wealth picture. We help clients to articulate their plans for the near term and the future for their immediate family and the generations to come and use these goals as the foundation of their investment strategy.

Rigorous Manager Due Diligence Process

Pitcairn’s due diligence process is a rigorous combination of quantitative and qualitative screening. Internal staff members, supported by our network of external partners, are accountable for identifying and monitoring managers and examining their holdings, performance, and operating procedures. Our careful internal review and approval process ensures that we provide clients with access to best-in-class managers across a full array of asset classes. We favor a blend of concentrated active managers and passive managers. This hybrid approach allows us to capitalize on the returns of exceptional active managers, while tempering risk and expense with the addition of solid passive managers.

Unique Tax Optimization Program

A unique feature of our investment approach is our Tax Optimization Program. We maximize opportunities for tax loss harvesting, wash-sale management, short-term gain deferral, and other tactics, to reduce the portion of returns lost to taxes. Our clients have experienced enhanced performance in the US equity portion of their portfolios of 3.7% per year from 2008 through 2011.