January 2, 2018 – The 2017 Pitcairn Family Wealth & Investment Forum took place November 12-13 in Philadelphia. The following video clips are highlights from the event. (Click here for a summary of the event.)

Wealth Momentum™

President & CEO Leslie Voth on creating conditions for continued growth.

President & CEO Leslie Voth discusses key drivers for Wealth Momentum™.

Mananging Director Andy Busser explains Wealth Momentum™

Mananging Director Andy Busser focuses on better outcomes.

Chairman Dirk Jungé discusses sustaining family enterprises.

Investment Roundtable

CIO Rick Pitcairn explains why all bull markets pass.

CIO Rick Pitcairn on global synchronized growth.

CIO Rick Pitcairn discusses growth of a dollar.

CIO Rick Pitcairn on impact investing.

CIO Rick Pitcairn looks at comparisons to 1999.

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