Voices in Leadership: Trends in Philanthropy & Family Engagement in a World in Crisis

In this Voices in Leadership conversation, Amy Hart Clyne engages in a conversation with Jenna Mulhall-Brereton, Chief Philanthropic Services Officer at National Philanthropic Trust (NPT). They discuss:

  • What donors and organizations are doing in these defining moments of 2020
  • How our investment portfolios influence our giving strategy
  • How philanthropy helps engage the family across generations



0:13 - Jenna’s journey and inspiration in the philanthropic field

2:15 - What are donors and organizations doing in these defining moments of 2020 to help make a difference?

8:00 - How do our investment portfolios influence our giving strategy?

10:26 - What is the driving source behind philanthropy? The heart or the mind? 

16:08 - Is the surge of interest in impact investing affecting philanthropic giving?

21:30 - How can philanthropy help engage the family across generations?

26:15 - Jenna’s takeaways


Four Questions Every Philanthropist Should Ask

As a donor looking to make a difference, an essential first step is to develop a personal charitable giving strategy. Having a sense of your charitable goals will help you explore organizations that share your vision. As you determine where to give, Jenna Mulhall-Brereton at NPT recommends these four questions every philanthropist should ask: