VIDEO | Global Markets: Where They Are & Where They May Be Going


CIO Rick Pitcairn and Managing Director of Client Investment Strategy Bruce Stewart reflect on the latest Global Market Update and share their outlook for the remainder of 2020. In this video clip, they discuss the current disconnect between the US economy and financial markets, where the markets may be headed, and how investors should prepare.



Here's a summary of their conversation:

0:30 - Making sense of the current landscape and how investors should prepare themselves 

1:56 - Strength of the market and red flags

2:30 - How Fed support has helped the equity markets

3:18 - Equities remain long-term driver of growth

3:54 - Focusing on investment policy statement helps lead to higher degree of success

4:30 - Stick with your plan, stay focused, and don't let emotions take over

5:19 - How Pitcairn can maintain integrity of strong performance

6:40 - How other assets, like Gold, can provide diversification in a portfolio

7:59 - What's next on the horizon?

8:42 - Don't let politics overly influence portfolio positioning

10:22 - How emotions play a role in the marketplace

11:02 - Remain focused, unemotional, and disciplined around investment mandate