Voices in Leadership: The Rising Generation

What does it mean to inherit a legacy?

In our latest Voices in Leadership interview series between Pitcairn Chief Knowledge and Learning Officer Amy Hart Clyne and distinguished family dynamics expert Jay Hughes, the two unpack the role of the rising generation in a family’s long-term perspective and prosperity.


Honoring and Advancing Everyone’s Dream 

Every human has dreams. How they are realized can play a significant role in family dynamics. Amy and Jay reflect on how families can incorporate individuals’ dreams and use them to inform seventh generation thinking – the guiding principle behind Pitcairn’s Gen7 Project™.




The Beneficiary’s Burden

Amy and Jay look past the legal trappings that come with beneficiaries and trustees to unpack the human side to these roles and discuss why so many young people see their trusts as a burden. Amy reveals key insights from her ongoing conversations with young female family leaders. 




Advice for Families

To engage with the next generation, a family of significant means desires to pass down valuable skills, family values, and ideals to ensure their future success across generations. To teach the top-of-mind topics, including family financial perspectives, family values, and priorities, parents and older family members must incorporate a broader array of educational activities such as life lessons that can be shared based on personal experiences.

Our expert team has established innovative best practices to make family learning more impactful, relevant, and meaningful for children and future generations. A constantly evolving effort, these lessons recognize and celebrate the shifting world views, learning styles, technology, and mindsets of all ages.


The 5As of Effective Family Learning (video)