Macroeconomic Outlook: Optimism and Uncertainty Collide

In a Unique Environment, We Remain Tethered to Investment Policy

Tunnel vision paints a picture of optimism. During the second quarter, US GDP continued its steady climb, US equities continued to hit record highs, and job growth continued its ascent from pandemic-induced lows.

Yet, while we welcome burgeoning optimism, Chief Investment Officer Rick Pitcairn is looking more broadly at mixed signals fueling some apprehension. A far more contagious Delta variant is finding susceptible hosts worldwide, accounting for nearly all new US COVID-19 cases, and injecting added volatility into markets.

"Unenthusiastic bull" and "fully invested bear" are two monikers that capture market unease while still conveying a continued preference for stocks. Our August 2021 Macroeconomic Outlook makes sense of competing narratives in a still-strong market environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Economic growth, rising corporate earnings, low interest rates, and transitory inflation pressures support further equity appreciation, yet we believe a near-term correction would support long-term market health.
  • US stocks outperformed non-US in the second quarter. It may take slower US growth or a weaker dollar for international stocks to curb US dominance.
  • We continue to keep a keen eye on upcoming tax legislation, but do not expect draconian measures and recommend patience as negotiations play out.
  • In a unique environment characterized by both optimism and uncertainty, it is prudent to maintain exposure to stocks, be mindful of risks, and adhere even more tightly to investment discipline.


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