Faces of Pitcairn


Ashley Cirillo

Client Experience Coordinator & Administrative Assistant
June 2019

This month we recognize Ashley Cirillo, Client Experience Coordinator & Administrative Assistant, as she celebrates her one-year anniversary at Pitcairn. After nearly a decade in her previous role at a holistic healthcare company in Philadelphia, Ashley joined Pitcairn eager to explore new growth opportunities and job responsibilities. What she found, was that and so much more.

Any one-year reflections?

First of all, I can’t believe it’s only been a year. Time has flown by! I never imagined working in a corporate setting. If I’m being honest, I didn’t think you could have any fun in the corporate world. Coming to Pitcairn has proven me wrong. I love the pace, the diversity in my responsibilities, and the room to expand my skills. Everyone is so friendly and has been so gracious and helpful. They know how to have a good laugh which is so important to me.

You mentioned the pace of your job, what is a typical day like?

There is no typical day! And that’s my favorite thing about my role. Some days the pace is off the charts - days when I’m hosting clients, coordinating catering services, setting up meeting space and A/V needs, dealing with cancelled flights, and prepping for Board meetings. Other days, I get a chance to catch my breath and work on itineraries, do research and plan Fun Squad events.

All Pitcairn guests are met with Ashley’s bright and hospitable nature. She takes pride in supporting the Pitcairn experience and exceeding expectations. When Ashley’s not at the office, she can be found exploring a new city, testing out the latest craft brewery, or dancing at a concert. Never one to turn down an outdoor adventure, Ashley enjoys camping, hiking, and rock climbing, along with fishing and crabbing as often as possible.