Faces of Pitcairn


Dorsie Matthews

Client Service Administrator
May 2019

As soon as you enter Pitcairn’s New York office, Dorsie Matthews immediately greets you by name and makes you feel right at home. As a Client Service Administrator, her days are filled with ensuring the efficient administration of the office, addressing client requests, preparing for meetings, and communicating with the team in Jenkintown.

What’s great about working in the New York office?

“I love coming into the city, the buzz, and the location of our Park Avenue office. My favorite days are when visitors come to the office. I love the interaction of catching up with clients and colleagues and finding out what’s new.”

 Do you like to travel?

“I love to travel and I plan on doing a lot more! I recently traveled to Italy with my daughter Sarah and her husband, David. This was a last-minute trip and an unexpected, wonderful surprise. Two of my favorite spots were Florence and Sienna. Not only was the food amazing, but I have also switched my favorite wine from white to red. And of course, don’t forget the shopping. One day while we were walking around Sienna, there was a group of young adults whooping it up. One of the young ladies was wearing a crown of olive leaves and flowers in her hair. She begged me to take a leaf from the crown, which was a symbol of good luck!”

 Where do you plan to travel next?

“We travel to Kennebunkport, Maine every year to see the flowers in bloom. We always visit George W. Bush, Sr.’s favorite restaurant, Mable’s, where I always try to sit at his favorite table. I also plan to go back to Italy with my boyfriend and another couple in the fall to visit Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, and Florence. Then end the trip in Paris.”