Faces of Pitcairn

Shaun Conway Feb 2019

Shaun Conway

Trust Administration Associate
February 2019

Join us in celebrating Shaun Conway’s one year anniversary this month. As a Trust Administration Associate, Shaun’s typical day includes interacting with the Fiduciary Services team, working on estate settlements, age attainments, trust interest summaries, and asset transfers. Shaun says the most interesting thing he is working on right now is working with the Operations team to dissolve a sub-set of trusts. His most memorable experience this past year was being asked to represent Pitcairn at the CPA golf outing with several colleagues. We asked Shaun three rapid-fire questions:

Q: Who inspires you?

"My mother."

Q: Best concert you’ve ever attended?

"Marshmallow at Belly Up Aspen."

Q: If you could swap places with anyone for one day who would it be any why?

"A professional golfer. They play the best courses at some of the most beautiful places in the world."