The Gen7 Project® is Pitcairn's thought leadership and learning lab that empowers the world’s leading families to develop a personal understanding of their wealth.

The Gen7 Project was created with a single purpose: to inspire modern families to share knowledge that activates and elevates their true potential.

We help families recognize and resolve the unspoken cultural and generational disconnects that erode the promise and fulfillment of their legacies.

The Gen7 Project name pays homage to the ancient leadership principle that every decision should benefit those seven generations into the future.

Focusing on rising generations is what empowers wealthy families to endure.

The Gen7 Project is inspiring families to become the best version of themselves. We’re providing a life experience and a community for families to celebrate their past, discover their own passions, and create a shared future.

- Amy Hart Clyne

Chief Knowledge & Learning Officer

Gen7 Project Experiential Learning

Personalized Family Learning

Customized education to foster meaningful conversations, develop how families honor great legacies, and prepare rising generations for the future. From family retreats to one-on-one mentoring, each meeting is personalized to address the unique values and needs of multi-generational families.

Gen7 Project Transformational Conversations

Signature Events and Experiences

In-person and virtual gatherings exploring the topics unique and relevant to wealthy families and those that serve them. Designed to inform and inspire, they create safe spaces for families to rethink how they learn and communicate.

Gen7 Project Breakthrough Trends

Insights and Thought Leadership

Proprietary studies and published reports offering a deep dive into the facts, trends, and nuances of cross-generational family communication and learning styles. Combining original research and thought leadership, we help capture and share the insights that improve family dynamics.

If you are interested in learning more about the Gen7 Project®, send us a message using the Contact Us form.