Invest with Family in Mind

Measured year-to-year, decade-to-decade, and generation-to-generation


Our institutional-quality investment platform is one of the most innovative and sophisticated available to families. The foundation of this platform is a cutting-edge, open architecture framework that gives us the flexibility to create fully tailored investment programs for each client. We integrate this with objective advice and portfolio strategies designed to meet the highly individualized needs of wealthy families. This powerful combination delivers superior after-tax, risk-adjusted returns.


Dedication to long-term, diversified portfolio management

We manage thousands of individual portfolios, each tailored to a client’s goals and risk profile. Common across all of these portfolios is our proven investment philosophy that focuses on managing both risk and returns for the long-term. This close alignment of your family’s goals and its investment strategy works to ensure your objectives are achieved. Our approach has enabled clients to live—and thrive—through every type of market condition since 1923.

We believe that the first and most important step in determining an investment strategy is to work with you to understand your goals, your liquidity needs, your attitude towards risk, and the structure of your overall wealth picture. We help you define your near- and long-term objectives and use these as the foundation of the investment strategy.

Our uniquely global perspective

You benefit from an extraordinary global network of investment intermediaries and talented professionals, as well as other clients, who together provide a greater opportunity set—trusted contacts, distinctive investment opportunities, and valuable resources and expertise.

As a founding partner of the Wigmore Association, an exclusive global alliance of eight leading family offices spanning four continents, we are able to extend the reach of our investment intelligence-gathering process and gain access to unique ideas across the world. Wigmore provides an open forum for member firms to exchange views on the global economy, share insights on investment strategies, and discuss best practices for serving wealthy families. In a world where families increasingly live, work, and invest globally, our enhanced reach and international partnership is a unique benefit to our clients.

Open architecture—an engine for continual innovation

Our investment platform provides you with objective analysis and advice, implemented through best-in-class asset managers. By avoiding the inherent conflicts of proprietary investment products, we can use the most appropriate mix of active and passive strategies to create an efficient and well-balanced investment approach. The breadth of available investment options allows us to tailor strategies and portfolios specific to your needs. It also enables us to anticipate—and respond to—changes in the market environment or family circumstances, and to incorporate innovative products and strategies as appropriate.

Pioneering active tax management strategies

Our tax overlay process improves portfolio performance by actively managing capital gain realization. Historically, families have sought to minimize tax liability through a combination of tax-loss harvesting, short-term gain deferral, and tax-efficient rebalancing—all conducted at year-end. By contrast, our tax overlay process allows us to manage tax implications on a daily basis, providing you with a better long-term investment outcome. After all, it’s not what you make, but what you keep, that matters.

Aligning your investments with your principles and values

Our approach to impact investing provides you with options to customize your portfolio in accordance with your objectives. We continually update our range of investment options so that you can have meaningful and measurable impact based on your core environmental, social, and governance concerns—to have the impact you desire.

Privileged access to best-in-class managers in all asset classes

Pitcairn’s stature in the investment community means that you enjoy preferred access to compelling investment opportunities. This applies across a range of traditional and alternative investment managers, including some of the world’s leading private equity funds. Our experienced research team and global resources apply rigorous due diligence and market perspective to each opportunity, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from a rare combination of privileged access and discerning perspective. In all cases, our interests are completely aligned with yours.

Better outcomes, measured decade-to-decade and generation-to-generation

At the core of our investment offering we provide—as we have consistently for nearly a century—each family member with tailored portfolios based on their specific needs and goals. Our commitment to objectivity puts your interests first and is a key component of the “Pitcairn Experience”—a key reason why families choose to stay with us for generations.