Upcoming Events

2020 Alliance Summit



Phoenix, Arizona

February 3-5, 2020


Differentiate Yourself: Developing a Unique Client Experience

It seems most firms are keenly focused on their client experience as a tool to differentiate themselves in the market. This has driven firms to look at hiring for a new position: The Chief Experience Officer. Join us in a discussion with three Chief Experience Officers from family wealth firms to discuss their process of defining client experience and the responsibilities of their new roles.

Amy Hart Clyne, Chief Knowledge & Learning Officer, Pitcairn


The Power of Collective Ambition: Keeping employees focused on collective goals and values

There’s no easy path to excellence, it’s up to you and your team. Firms that commit to shaping their purpose and remain dedicated to seeing it through will end up with a high-performing team working toward a collective ambition. In this session we will explore the factors required to produce a high-performing team, causes of dysfunction and best practices to overcome them.

Andy Busser, Managing Director of Strategy, Pitcairn