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Defining Evolving Family Values:

Best Practices for Multigenerational Families

Defining and aligning values can feel like an enigmatic endeavor. We think values are assumed, even innate, and thus remain unspoken. Yet few exercises are more important – especially for families of significant means. 

A multigenerational family’s values serve as the bedrock of family relationships and impact a family’s actions and priorities for years to come. When those values are misaligned or unidentified, families risk losing control of their legacy and fomenting deep rifts between family members that can have far-reaching effects. 

Family values center around big questions:

• What do we believe in as a family?

• What purpose do we want wealth to serve in our family?

• How do we want to work together to achieve that purpose?



Answering those questions and establishing shared family values is hard work – but it is vital work that will better set the family up for success. Click below to read Pitcairn's established best practices to follow as you and your family embark on this challenging yet rewarding journey.



Values Workshops Designed to Foster Meaningful Dialogue

At Pitcairn, we approach our Values Workshop in a customized and personalized format based on family goals through the Gen7 Project™ and our Family Learning services. Our mission is to inspire our client families to gain knowledge that activates and elevates their true potential. If you are interested in learning more, contact your Relationship Manager.


Families that engage in our Wealth Momentum® Values offering will explore and discover:

What are my personal values?

What are our shared values?

How do we form a collective family values statement?

How can we take this work and apply it?


2020: A Decade of Lessons in a Single Year

A Note from CIO Rick Pitcairn:

Earlier this month, we shared my Quarterly Investment Commentary. With a year that brought so many extraordinary events, it was worth taking a step back to share lessons learned. If you missed it, click here to read the five lessons from 2020 that stood out to me. More recently, I sat down with Andy Busser to dig a little deeper on what our investment team is focused on in the quarter to come and beyond.




Pitcairn Wins Big at the Private Asset Management Awards

We are proud to announce that Pitcairn was named the winner in the Best Firm Culture - Wealth Management and the Best Family Office Long-Term Investment Philosophy categories at the 2021 PAM Awards.

PRISM™ Technology Platform Rollout is Underway

See your wealth in a whole new way with PRISM™, the next generation of Pitcairn’s state-of-the-art reporting platform. PRISM (Pitcairn Reporting and Information Security Management) provides a new level of integrated family office support for our clients including:

  •  An enhanced layer of data security and control over your personal information
  • Simplified reporting and information access with expanded account views
  • Updated user interfaces, including intuitive and secure mobile access

For more information on how the PRISM platform will support you and your family, please speak with your Pitcairn Relationship Manager. Get ready to view a new spectrum of possibilities for your wealth. 


About Pitcairn

Pitcairn is a true family office and leader in helping families navigate the challenges and opportunities created by the interplay of family and financial dynamics. Through Wealth Momentum®, an experience-based family office model, Pitcairn helps families achieve a more effective and complete experience. Since its inception, Pitcairn has partnered with some of the world’s wealthiest families to meet their needs and drive better outcomes – year to year, decade to decade, generation to generation. Today, Pitcairn is recognized as an innovator, guiding families through generational transitions and redefining the industry standard for family offices. The firm is located in Philadelphia, with offices in New York and Washington, DC and a network of resources around the world.