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Podcast: CIO Rick Pitcairn says to “Focus on the Fundamentals” on Bloomberg Radio

Bloomberg Finance, September 28, 2018 – Chief Investment Officer Rick Pitcairn  speaks with hosts Peggy Collins and John Tuckeron on the latest edition of Bloomberg Finance, a weekly show on Bloomberg Radio which focuses on the latest news and trends in asset management and the hedge fund industry. In this episode, Rick talks about Pitcairn’s long-term view on investing and why it is so important in helping the families we serve. Other topics Rick discusses include: 

  • How Pitcairn helps families manage both financial and family dynamics
  • Why political outcomes aren’t necessarily a good indicator of market outcomes
  • Why Pitcairn believes in global allocation
  • Words of wisdom from Warren Buffett

To listen to Rick’s appearance click here. (Rick’s segment begins at 20:08.)


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