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In this episode, Chief Knowledge & Learning Officer Amy Hart Clyne speaks with Peter Begalla Begalla, a well-known family enterprise consultant, Education and Conference Director for Family Business Magazine, as well as a trained family therapist. Peter and Amy talk about the pressures that families are experiencing and how family decision-making and governance have become truncated during this unprecedented time. Peter offers an insider's perspective and shares how he believes this crisis will impact family governance.





When Change Seems Overwhelming, Keep Focus on the Long Term


Without a doubt, this past quarter has been one that the world has never seen before. In CIO Rick Pitcairn's most recent economic and market update, he addresses how:
  • Pitcairn portfolios are performing
  • US Markets are adjusting to these uncertain times
  • Economic stimulus is affecting the markets and consumer confidence



As a follow up to the recent investment commentary, Rick Pitcairn and Andy Busser sat down for a virtual conversation and dove deeper into lessons learned from financial history, stimulus impact on the US, and outlook for the near term.




Keeping the Family Connected in Self-isolation: Best Practices for Retooling the Family Meeting in a Remote World

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is creating the greatest uncertainty and upheaval in recent memory, many families are being forced to rethink family meetings. Families are embracing virtual family gatherings through video conferencing tools and other technologies. From our work with families, we’ve identified the following best practices in coordinating and conducting a virtual family meeting.



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