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Leslie Voth Joins Wigmore CEOs to Discuss Resilience for Businesses and Families

What Does Resilience Mean for Businesses and Families of Wealth at This Time?

Webinar hosted by Wigmore Association partner, Sandaire


Sandaire, Pitcairn and Northwood Chief Executives – Resilience and working together globally to help families thrive

Written by Wigmore Association CEOs


They are three CEO’s from family offices around the world working together globally to help families thrive.

Wigmore Association founding members, Tom McCullough, Chairman and CEO of Northwood, Leslie C. Voth, CEO, Chairman and President of Pitcairn and James Fleming, CEO of Sandaire joined forces in Sandaire’s latest webinar on #resilience yesterday afternoon at 4pm BST.

We took the opportunity, post webinar, to catch up with the three experienced CEO’s and trusted advisers who spoke about the resilience of their respective firms and the families they serve during these challenging times, while being confined to their homes across the globe.

We asked the CEO’s to summarise some of the lessons they have learnt during this crisis, both personally and professionally in managing the organisations that they serve.

James said, “The importance of being adaptable and flexible, as well as having foresight and business continuity planning rings true. For families and businesses it’s the time to revisit planning, governance and processes. I also believe a lot has been learnt when it comes to communication, whether with family, with clients or with colleagues, there has been an increased importance on communication and continuing to build, maintain and develop stronger relationships”.

Tom followed with, “Looking at the positive aspects, I believe that there has been a lot of developing of our own characters and resilience, all you have to do is look at some of the positive stories and acts of kindness that have arisen. I hope that as a global population we can all retain some grace, generosity and continue supporting and giving to each other”.

Lastly Leslie said, “When I think of resilience and what has been learnt from this time, I revert to a comment that was made by my fellow panellist, James, on how we have been catapulted two or perhaps even three generations ahead in terms of ‘thinking virtually’. I don’t think that this is something that is going to change any time soon and we intend on undertaking some extensive work to ensure that we continue to be adaptable and versatile, whilst offering our staff an environment that they are comfortable in a positive mindset”.


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