A Leader in Trusts

Better results for your family, fully integrated with all elements of your wealth structure

By seamlessly integrating fiduciary services with your other advisory needs, Pitcairn delivers powerful solutions that draw from our deep knowledge of the role trusts play in supporting multi-generational families and their wealth. We provide trustee services to more than 1,000 irrevocable trusts.

We fully understand the role of trusts in multi-generational families

Our experienced trust committee members take a personalized approach to exercising fiduciary discretion by carefully considering the needs of beneficiaries and the intent of grantors. We are well-equipped to handle special investment opportunities while being mindful of our fiduciary duties. As a trustee, we seek to know the individual beneficiaries and co-trustees, enabling us to be uniquely informed, responsive, and flexible.

In addition to providing integrated trust planning, distribution planning, compliance, investment management, record keeping, and reporting services, we serve as an important resource for fiduciary education for both trustees and beneficiaries.

Our integrated fiduciary services

  1. Innovative—You benefit from a fully open architecture investment platform for your family trusts.
  2. Customized—You enjoy better results for your family because trust administration is fully integrated with all the other elements of your wealth structure.
  3. Responsive—You have a dedicated, single point of contact who is always available and supported by an exceptional team.
  4. Flexible—We can serve as trustee, co-trustee, or agent—whatever meets your needs.
  5. Simple—Our trust services free you from the bureaucracy of large organizations and help you identify some of the risks that families or individual trustees may face. We handle all aspects of compliance, administration, and consolidated reporting.

We adhere to fiduciary standards

Most of our clients use trusts to implement their legacy planning. We work closely with families, their trustees, and trusted advisors to help maximize the value of their trust assets and optimize the impact of their legacies. Our specialty is thoughtfully handling complex assets held in trust, including operating businesses, real estate, collectibles, and other unique assets, as well as more traditional liquid investments. We also help families evolve their trust structures as family needs change over time, ensuring that they operate in compliance with fiduciary standards and to promote family alignment.

Seamless integration of firm-wide expertise

Our relationship management teams ensure that trust administration is coordinated with all of your other family matters. The teams are supported by the attorneys who lead Pitcairn’s fiduciary services and by centralized expertise in planning, compliance, and tax.

Continual innovation

We continually innovate to maintain industry-leading trust administration standards and processes. Our systems give us the flexibility to generate tailored, consolidated reporting solutions for trustees, beneficiaries, and their advisors.

Trustees gain peace of mind—shifting the administrative responsibilities to a dedicated team of Pitcairn fiduciary experts.

By having a partner who considers your trusts in the broader context of your whole picture, you are better able to feel in control and make decisions confidently.