Removing Work and Worry Through Wealth Administration and Consolidated Reporting

We manage the work and risks; you remain informed and in control

We often take on the role and responsibility of day-to-day administration, so that families have more time to focus on what is most important to them. We free them from many of the daily details and distractions of their complex lives—keeping all the many moving parts of their wealth (both financial and non-financial) well-coordinated and aligned with their immediate needs and longterm goals. Through our efforts, their lives are made less stressful.

As part of our services, we deliver consolidated investment performance reporting through our industry-leading, on-demand portal— giving you a complete view of your investments, aggregated from across all of your investment advisors. Our state-of-the-art technology provides a clear, accurate, and timely picture of your family’s total wealth—how it is invested, and how it is performing. This supports deeper interactions among your advisors and informs better decision-making.

We manage the work and risks, you remain informed and in control

You can select from among our individual services or have us serve as a complete, turn-key solution:

  • Personal accounting and budgeting services, including bill paying and the management of expenses for multiple properties
  • Administration, accounting, and reporting services for your family partnerships and foundations
  • Tax compliance services provides individuals, partnerships, trusts, and foundations with the benefits of integration that accrue when everything is taken care of under one roof
  • Consolidated investment performance reporting gives you a view of your entire wealth structure—aggregating assets held by Pitcairn and all other advisors to provide you with a comprehensive view of what you have and how it has performed

An infrastructure designed to securely support your family into the future

Our people, processes, and technology are carefully integrated to ensure that the strictest protocols of confidentiality, security, and business continuity are all in place. As a result, we meet and often exceed regulatory standards. Regular internal reviews and audits, in addition to third-party evaluations, support our commitment to managing our infrastructure to the highest standards. Our ongoing investment in technology ensures that we are providing you with a state-of-the-art family office solution.

Consistently recognized by the industry as a leader

The tenure of our staff, the firm-wide culture in which they work, and our practice management process all contribute to why we are consistently recognized as an industry-leading family office. Our ability to attract and retain the best talent from across our industry supports our efforts to continually innovate. This ensures that you have the best solution taking care of the daily details—that you are freed from work and worry of the day-to-day, so you can focus on what is most important to you.