Wealth as a Source of Individual Strength and Family Connectedness

Expertise helping families to successfully make decisions together

We work to empower family members—helping you thrive individually and work together effectively. We help you strengthen your family’s capacity for shared decision-making. Education, coaching, and mentoring—both formal and informal—are an essential component of preparing family members to confidently step into new roles and responsibilities. This is integrated into our day-to-day relationship with you. We can also tailor specific educational experiences for your family based on individual situations, learning styles, and goals.

Expertise helping families to successfully make decisions together

Families thrive when they have a framework that allows them to make timely and informed decisions. For this reason, we integrate effective decision-making into every aspect of your wealth structure. We help you determine what types of communication practices are appropriate for your family and work with you to implement them through family meetings, advisory councils, and other forums that facilitate productive discussion and resolution of important matters.

Education is an essential part of sustaining wealth across generations

We view education as an ongoing process—weaving it into every aspect of our client interaction and communication. We work to create a practical context that aligns with personal interests and needs, supports productive conversations, and facilitates deeper understanding.

We can customize interactive educational programs to support the growth of your family’s human and intellectual capital to align with the growth of your financial capital. For some families, we have facilitated seminars that focus on specific topics of interest. For others, we have developed a series of family meetings that provide a solid foundation of financial knowledge. Our library of educational programs, combined with the experience and creativity of our professional team members, serves as the basis for developing appropriate educational opportunities as part of the equation that supports individual and collective success for your family.

Applying best practices

Experience has taught us that the answers a family seeks are often found within the family itself. We have expertise facilitating discussions that surface these answers by listening carefully to and working closely with the family to ensure that all family member voices are articulated and heard. For nearly a century, we successfully helped families develop their own governance systems and become more skillful in communicating with one another. We’ve also developed a robust network of specialized resources that compliment our internal capabilities and services. Together, we offer enormous value to families seeking help with:

  • Family mission statements
  • Developing decision-making frameworks
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Succession planning
  • Empowering younger generations
  • Communication processes

Achieving successful family transitions across generations

Our proven approach is rooted in our deep experience at the intersection of wealth and family—what is often the intersection of wealth and complexity. Our goal is to work with individual family members and to empower all generations. The result ensures a successful generational transition to responsible stewards of the family’s wealth and heritage.