Comprehensive Planning

Success at the intersection of your wealth and family

Thoughtful planning will go a long way in helping your family succeed across generations. Truly successful plans are grounded in your values and are forward-thinking; they integrate expertise from different disciplines and evolve over time.

We look to your future—to your 10-, 20-, 50-year goals, and beyond—and turn ideas into actionable strategic plans that we implement on your behalf. We work with your family to clarify your objectives, including lifestyle, family gifting, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship, so that your plan works to achieve your near- and long-term goals. Our multi-disciplinary team brings together tax, legal, investment, and governance experts who collaborate to address ever-changing regulatory and market conditions and keep your plan on track.

Our relationship begins with an analysis of your wealth and family structure

We gather information from all of your advisors, business entities, and managers, and we work to create a single view of your family’s wealth structure. We then use sophisticated scenario modeling to test the performance of your strategies in a variety of market, regulatory, and tax environments. We seek to understand the roles individual family members play, how decisions are made, and how family dynamics influence your wealth structure. With this comprehensive analysis as a foundation, we then craft a strategic plan tailored for your family.

Successfully transitioning families from one generation to the next

Our expertise has been gained from nearly a century of working closely with families, where we have consistently seen that successful generational transitions require thoughtful planning, family engagement, time, and guidance. We can help you prepare for your generational transition and craft a plan covering:

  • Estate and Tax
  • Investments
  • Risk Management
  • Business Succession
  • Philanthropy
  • Education and Governance
  • Cash flow and Budgeting
  • Health Care

Our clients uniquely benefit from our continuous innovation

As a true multi-generational family office, we continually invest in family wealth innovation—across strategy, planning, and investments. We understand that a successful plan requires ongoing innovation to meet the varied needs of multiple generations and ever-changing regulatory and market conditions. Your family benefits from this work and is coached and mentored—individually and collectively—as part of a comprehensive planning, education, and governance process. Succeeding generations are well-positioned to effectively steward your family’s wealth and assume leadership roles to sustain and grow your family’s financial and human capital across generations.