Each Family has a Unique Philanthropic Vision

We can help at any stage with your philanthropy

Many families find that philanthropy presents a great opportunity to engage multiple generations in a shared process to express values and passions. It also provides an excellent training ground for young family leaders and a productive way to build your family’s capacity for shared decision-making.

Pitcairn’s role is to help you achieve your philanthropic vision, mission, and goals as efficiently and effectively as possible, whether in the context of a private foundation, a charitable trust, or a donor-advised fund.

We can help at any stage with your philanthropy

If you are just starting out on your philanthropic journey, we can help you define your vision and mission, and establish a governance process that works with the charitable structure that best serves your needs and objectives. Whether you have a well-established framework or you are new to the process, we can provide guidance on optimal funding sources, ongoing investment advice, and management for your charitable structure, as well as tax advisory services that incorporate compliance.

We will help you think about when and how to involve the next generation, plan for leadership succession, and facilitate family meetings—all to ensure that your philanthropic efforts are as effective and sustainable as possible.

Private foundations

If your family has a private foundation, our in-house tax, trust, and legal experts will guide you through the administrative maze and the numerous governance rules established by the IRS, federal, and state governments. For example, we can screen your grantees in our third-party database to ensure that they are IRS-approved 501(c)3 charities. We can facilitate board meetings and organize your foundation records, as well as streamline your grant request process in a secure, custom website created for your family.

Charitable trusts

If you are using charitable trusts to implement your philanthropic goals, our fiduciary services and in-house tax teams can support your efforts. The unique shared interests of a charitable trust between a grantor and a charity require detailed attention to annual calculations along with timely and accurate reporting for adherence to trust and tax laws.

Making your vision real

We can connect you with our exclusive network of families and resources, including the latest research on potential grantees. If you are interested in impact investing, we will work closely with you to incorporate innovative investment approaches to help make your charitable vision come alive in your philanthropic portfolio. Our goals are aligned with yours: for your vision and wealth to have the greatest impact on the world around you.