Pitcairn. CClark D. Pitcairn is Ombudsman. A fourth generation Pitcairn family member, Clark currently serves as the liaison between Pitcairn family members and the firm’s executive leadership. He is responsible for ensuring that the needs and concerns of family members with an ownership stake in the company are being met. Clark serves on the Board of Directors for Pitcairn Company and Pitcairn Trust Company, and serves as a trustee of many Pitcairn family trusts. He is also a member of Pitcairn’s Capital, Executive, Trust, and Governance committees.

Clark has been with Pitcairn for over 20 years, serving in numerous capacities in the wealth management and marketing departments.

Prior to joining Pitcairn in 1990, Clark was a realtor with G. Price Wilson Realty. Before that, he was the owner and operator of Aquifer Dive Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

Clark earned a BS, magna cum laude, in Finance and Real Estate from Temple University. He is a founder, a current Board member, and Executive and Distribution Committee member of the National Philanthropic Trust. Clark is also a founder and Board member of Spiritual Alliance Incorporated.