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Diane C. Ohm

Investment Administrator

As a key member of the Family Office Team, Diane serves as a point person for clients, addressing their daily needs. She plays a key role in onboarding, maintaining, and enhancing client relationships to ensure each receives a personalized, customized Pitcairn experience. She is responsible for making cash transfers, paying bills, and opening and closing accounts. Diane serves as a liaison to the custodian, as well as our internal Operations, IT, and Tax departments, and external advisors.

Prior to joining Pitcairn in 2005, Diane worked at PepsiCo, fulfilling administrative roles in the human resources, marketing, finance, and operations departments. 

Diane holds a certificate in accounting from the Monroeville School of Business and is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries.

Diane is an enthusiastic animal lover, especially of German Shepherds, and spends many days dog sitting for her all-time favorite boy, Moose. Additionally, Diane is a devoted bookworm who loves beach vacations and dancing. Diane continues to be a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and will continue to “bleed black & gold”, despite friendly nonsense from her coworkers!