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Karen C. Zolna

Cash Administration Specialist

Karen is responsible for executing a variety of security and cash transactions on behalf of clients. This includes initiating ACH transfers, checks and account transfers. She works with the Operations Team to establish and maintain client account information and asset data across multiple internal databases. She interacts daily with members of the Wealth Management Team to ensure client transactions are executed accurately and efficiently. 

Karen has over 30 years of experience working in the family office industry. Throughout her career at Pitcairn, Karen’s responsibilities have extended across multiple functions within the firm including investments, employee health and life insurance, domestic payroll, document archive, and client service. 

Prior to joining Pitcairn in 1984, Karen worked as a clerk in the Psychological Services Department for Abington School District. Karen is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries. 

Karen is a geography buff who loves playing trivia games and reading. Her love of geography extends across the country where she gets great joy visiting and exploring State and National Parks. Thus far, her favorite State Park is Blackwater Falls, WV and her favorite National Park is Rocky Mountain, CO.