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Dispelling Three Myths about Smart Beta Investing

Pitcairn Update, November 2017 – While smart beta is the hot trend investors are flocking to, many are doing so without a complete understanding of what they’re getting into. That’s never a good thing. Before we dispel three of the most common myths about smart beta investing, there are some fundamental elements of smart beta that everyone should understand.

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Pitcairn Investment Commentary: As the Market Roars On, Signs of Rising Risk

November 2, 2017 – The most hated bull market in history found a new level of defiance over the last quarter, confounding even the most ardent believers in its ability to continue to rise. To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of its demise are greatly exaggerated. We saw good reasons for the continued rise earlier in the year. The tenor of the market admittedly shifted over the summer, but like a good prize fighter, it simply refuses to go down.

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Family Vacation Home Succession Planning: A Discussion Guide

October 30, 2017 – Vacation homes and other shared properties present a unique challenge for families looking to successfully transition the home from one generation to the next. While a structure may transfer ownership, what it does not do is create a comprehensive framework for how family members will use and share the property. It’s only a starting point. Pitcairn is proud to offer this discussion guide as a resource to help families open a dialogue and create a plan for the family vacation home.

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