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The Accumulation of Wealth Creates Both Rare Opportunities and Imposing Challenges

Family members contend with a host of responsibilities ranging from:

  • Managing their investments, to monitoring their estate and tax plans;
  • Coordinating tax returns and philanthropic giving
  • Keeping up with constant flow of paperwork.

Helping families address these unique needs is the raison d’être of Pitcairn. Our long experience as a family office enables us to not only help families manage the day-to-day, but also help them see around corners, anticipating and preparing for well thought-out transitions that are the hallmark of successful families.

Recent News

Beyond “Cohesion:” Why Terminology Must Evolve through the Generations

Pitcairn Family Council Chair Andrew Pitcairn and co-author Joshua Nacht, PhD look at the evolution of family cohesion across generations.

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Pitcairn CEO Leslie Voth Named Most Influential Woman in Private Wealth

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania (May 18, 2015)Leslie Voth, president and chief executive officer of Pitcairn, a leading family office, was selected as one of Private Asset Management’s “50 Most Influential Women in Private Wealth.”

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Pitcairn Economic & Market Commentary First Quarter 2015

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In a number of ways, first quarter investment and economic developments played out this old adage. Many factors that affected investment markets in the fourth quarter of 2014 also influenced first quarter results. The dollar remains too high and oil prices too low. Geopolitical issues in Eastern Europe and the Middle East remain unresolved and still have the power to shake investor confidence. Meanwhile, market attention remains riveted on the Federal Reserve, eager to detect the slightest clue to our central bank’s next move.

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Saint Joseph’s University Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship

Presented by Saint Joseph’s University, Haub School...

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