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The Accumulation of Wealth Creates Both Rare Opportunities and Imposing Challenges

Family members contend with a host of responsibilities ranging from:

  • Managing their investments, to monitoring their estate and tax plans;
  • Coordinating tax returns and philanthropic giving
  • Keeping up with constant flow of paperwork.

Helping families address these unique needs is the raison d’être of Pitcairn. Our long experience as a family office enables us to not only help families manage the day-to-day, but also help them see around corners, anticipating and preparing for well thought-out transitions that are the hallmark of successful families.

Recent News

The Wigmore Association: A family office CEO/CIO collaboration

The International Family Offices Journal asked CEO Leslie Voth and CIO Rick Pitcairn to share their views on how the Wigmore Association adds significant value to Pitcairn clients and the business.

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Pitcairn Featured in Private Wealth Magazine

Private Wealth, September 2016 – The magazine speaks with Chief Executive Officer Leslie Voth, Chief Investment Officer Rick Pitcairn, and Chairman Dirk Jungé about how Pitcairn has brought its family office approach to a wide group of families.

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Taking the Wheel: Empowering Adult Inheritors

Finding your voice as an adult is a difficult process for everyone, but can be especially challenging when you grow up in a family of wealth. Learning the rules of the road can make you more comfortable, confident, and independent as you choose your destination, plan your route, and safeguard yourself and your passengers. Here are five fundamental questions to ask yourself and advice for finding your own answers.

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Upcoming Events

Family Business Wealth Conference

Presented by Family Business Magazine September 21-23, 2016 Chicago, Illinois Speaker: Dain Kistner, Director of Single Family Office Strategy Topic: Managing Inter-generational Wealth Transfer/Estate...

Pitcairn Roundtable: Foreign Policy Challenges Facing the Next President – Private Event

Presented by Pitcairn September 20, 2016 New York, New York Guest speaker: Grace Kennan Warnecke, Chairman of the Board of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy Topic: Foreign Policy Challenges Facing the Next...

Family Advisory Council of Chicago – Invitation Only

Presented by the Family Advisory Council of Chicago September 14, 2016 Chicago, Illinois Sponsor: Pitcairn Topic: Getting out, but Staying in: A Review of Exit...

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