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About Us

Family Moves Us ForwardTM

Since our founding over a century ago, family has been the constant that has fueled our success. We have adapted and reinvented our firm to meet the challenges of an ever changing world. We understand multigenerational family wealth in a way that few other wealth advisory firms do.

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Our Core Values & Guiding Principles


We are constantly exploring and learning so we can spark new ideas and turn them into best practices that can meet the changing needs of our client families.


We enjoy working together, exchanging knowledge, and sharing expertise that enables us to deliver an excellent client experience.


Because change can be both a risk and a growth driver, we stay ahead of market trends and fast-changing technologies.


We fully align our interests with those of our families to ensure a client experience that is transparent, honest, reliable and trustworthy.


We are always striving to improve and expand our capabilities and services to deliver the best possible long-term results for the families who put their trust in us.

A Century in the Making 

Now, in our seventh generation and working with 125 families, we know the potential and pitfalls that come with building a legacy. Like many of the leading families we serve, we have been through our own wealth journey.

Our People

The tenure of our staff, the collaborative culture in which we work, and our commitment to delivering an exceptional Pitcairn client experience all contribute to why we are consistently recognized as an industry-leading family office. Our ability to attract and retain the best talent from across our industry supports our efforts to continually innovate.