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Our Mission

Creating a home where people and portfolios grow 

Wealth Momentum®

We believe families experience better outcomes through holistic wealth management. Wealth Momentum® is our integrated, multi-specialty family office service model. It operates at the intersection of family and wealth, balancing the totality of financial services and family dynamics. Our dedicated relationship managers drive our approach, coordinating all aspects of your comprehensive wealth plan.

Wealth Momentum® helps families by:

  • Aligning wealth planning with family goals
  • Delivering excellent financial results
  • Clarifying family roles to improve cohesion and reduce friction
  • Strengthening family bonds
  • Supporting current family enterprise leaders and preparing the rising generation to be excellent wealth stewards

We serve one kind of client—families like yours.

Our long history of serving multigenerational families of wealth has shown us that while no two families are alike, they often share many of the same aspirations, concerns, and challenges. Our experienced relationship management team brings together investment advisory, comprehensive wealth planning, and family engagement services to help your family reach their goals.


Investment Advisory

Our investment approach is conflict-free and aligned with your family’s desire to sustain multi-generational

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Family Office Services

Our Shared Single Family Office™ combines the personal attention of a boutique firm backed by leading-edge technology with the expertise of our relationship managers and specialist advisors.

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Family Engagement

Our family engagement offering is robust and provides multiple pathways to strengthen family bonds and prepare the rising generation of family leaders.

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The Clients We Serve

Since our founding in 1923, we have consistently recognized one overarching truth: No two families are the same. This is why chemistry and achieving a true partnership with those we serve is so important to us. Because of our high-touch approach, we generally invite only three to five new families a year to join Pitcairn, ensuring that each family has an outstanding, highly personalized experience. Our clients generally have:

  • Complex wealth structures such as assets held in trusts
  • At least $50 million in investable assets
  • A desire to strengthen or enhance family decision making and family governance
  • A need to prepare the rising generation to become wealth owners or inheritors

Sustaining Wealth Across Generations

We have successfully helped our client families transition wealth across multiple generations through a combination of effective planning, strong investment results, thoughtful governance, and a commitment to education. Here are some of our clients’ stories.

What Can Be Done When Tangled Trusts Do More Harm Than Good?

Over many years and multiple generations, a family’s trust structure can become a complicated mess. Sorting and streamlining over 80 trusts helped one family simplify their estate planning, reduce costs, and stave off a potentially costly tax liability.

Meet the Clarkes
Surprise Wealth Brings Unexpected Complications

Five siblings learn about their father’s secret fortune after he dies. Unprepared to handle substantial assets and deal with the legal and administrative complications, the Elliott family traveled a rocky path before connecting with Pitcairn.

Meet the Elliotts
This Entrepreneur Didn’t Have Time to Be a Wealth Manager

When a software entrepreneur worried that his personal finances and wealth planning were not getting the attention they needed, he looked for a family office who could help with the day-to-day and the long term.

Meet the Patels