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Family Engagement

Living, Learning & Growing Together

Wealth comes from the word for “wellbeing” in Old English. We help families use their financial capital to promote well-being and build stronger bonds through learning, thoughtful dialogue, and uniting behind
shared values and family identity.

Family in the Woods Together
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Introducing Your Wealth Canvas™

A learning experience purposefully created by Pitcairn to help members of your multigenerational family grow into the people they choose to be. We’ve distilled what we’ve learned over Pitcairn’s century of serving multigenerational wealthy families with a personalized learning experience for every life stage. Combining resources, tools and mentorship, Your Wealth Canvas™ clarifies your family’s learning goals, and simplifies the path to achieve them.  

Money & Finances 

There are many levels of financial literacy and we provide learning content and support to family members of all ages as they work to gain basic or advanced knowledge. We help family members understand financial terms, concepts, and investment positions; read financial statements; master the art of budgeting; and overall boost their confidence when it comes to understanding personal finance.

Wealth Stewardship

No one is born knowing how to be a wise wealth owner. Reflecting on the ways that wealth influences motivation, relationships, and life goals can help family members manage the advantages and challenges associated with substantial wealth. We guide family members through important conversations about how to fulfill responsibilities and manage risks to achieve purpose, balance and peace while being a good wealth steward within the family and community. Topics may include understanding trusts, the role of trustees and beneficiaries, as well as business and succession planning.

Life Design & Personal Development

Uncovering individual strengths and talents is often the first step in personal growth. Our Family Engagement team can coach family members through a process of self-discovery and self-directed development that helps them find their own identity, meaning and purpose separate from their wealth.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship 

Many families we work with have entrepreneurship in their DNA. We can help family members develop the skills and capabilities to be effective leaders and successful entrepreneurs inside or outside the family business.

Governance & Legacy

How families make decisions is generally determined by their values and culture. Often families benefit from greater clarity around decision-making processes, governing bodies, and family roles. We work with families to demystify even the most complex family wealth structures. By facilitating conversations and offering insight into best practices, we guide families to a governance structure that matches their needs, values, and culture.

Family Engagement & 
Personalized Learning

Every family and every family member is on a unique learning journey. To encourage and engage families along this journey, we offer a personalized learning experience. Our educational content and how we present that content is tailored to the needs and preferences of each family and its members.

Guided Learning

Our educational content is organized in a fluid framework so families and individuals can select topics that fit their interests and their life stage. We supplement our own materials with a network of experts and access to academic programs. This combination of proprietary resources and external support enables us to guide our client families on their learning journeys.

Personal Coaching

One-on-one coaching and mentoring provide valuable support for learning and development plans. Our experienced coaches provide guidance and encouragement as multigenerational families address challenges related to wealth, self-competence, and family dynamics.

Peer Enrichment

Connecting with others who share interests and issues can make learning easier, more relevant, and more enjoyable. Our learning communities are also peer networking hubs for young heirs and future wealth owners. Our family-specific “cousin consortiums” are examples of peer enrichment activities that bring together different members of Pitcairn client families to share experiences and knowledge while building relationships.

Family Meetings

When families spend quality time together, they talk about what’s important, recall treasured memories and make new ones, creating a shared history that bridges generations and strengthens family bonds. We know what it takes to plan and successfully facilitate creative family meetings that have clear objectives and that maintain the proper balance of family development, learning, and fun.

Bespoke Family Education Programs & Projects

Sometimes families need help clarifying roles and responsibilities, forming or reframing family governance structures, establishing decision-making processes, or resolving conflict. We can create bespoke learning across your family enterprise. By providing an outside perspective and insight into best practices, we can help families navigate sensitive discussions.

“At Pitcairn, we put the same rigor and intention into developing and strengthening our client families as we do managing their money. In fact, we’ve found that wealthy families who embrace a culture of family learning tend to be more successful at managing financial resources over generations.”

Amy Hart Clyne, Chief Knowledge & Learning Officer

Building a Culture
of Family Learning

Family leaders often ask us, “How will we stay together and flourish as a family?” They want their family members to be wise, responsible wealth stewards who enjoy productive, fulfilling lives. We believe families who learn together, stay together, and grow together. Over a century of experience tells us that a culture of learning is one of the most valuable advantages a family can have.

Signature Events & Experiences

We carefully orchestrate events and experiences that are meaningful, memorable, and fun. Our guests include current Pitcairn clients as well as non-clients who come from other families of wealth. We hope all who join us gain valuable insights, build lasting personal connections, and leave inspired and fulfilled to more successfully manage their wealth. 

Rising Gen

Designed for young heirs and future wealth owners, this community provides a welcoming space for members of the rising generation to connect with their peers.

Women of Wealth

Women don’t always approach wealth the same way men do. This community brings multigenerational women together to focus exclusively on their priorities, challenges, and successes.

Lifelong Learning

Learning doesn’t always have to be practical. Our lifelong learning events take place at clever, offbeat and intriguing locations, and are designed to deliver plenty of camaraderie.