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Single Family Office Services

Your Single Family Office — Powered by Pitcairn

As your family grows, so does the complexity of your wealth and family dynamics. Join Pitcairn, and you'll achieve significant economies of scale and gain access to our Shared Single Family Office™ service model, which will increase the efficiency of your existing family office and give you access to a tremendous array of resources and seasoned experts.

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"Choosing Pitcairn as a partner for my single family office has made my life a whole lot easier. The success of a family office requires staying on track with investments, tax strategies, and estate planning, as well as keeping multiple family members involved. It’s a monumental responsibility, so the importance of surrounding yourself with advisors you trust can’t be overstated.”

Founder & CEO, Trucking Business

Setting the Standard for Family Offices

Partnership is the cornerstone of our work with single family offices and are built on the following four pillars:

Trusted Expert Teams

A dedicated Pitcairn Relationship Manager, backed by a comprehensive team of specialists, oversees each client family relationship. Our in-house expertise covers the full spectrum of financial and family dynamics, including investments, taxes, trust and estate planning, financial reporting and bill administration, family governance, family engagement, and more.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our state-of-the-art proprietary PRISM™ platform provides innovative views and insights into a family's full financial profile while delivering next-level data security, privacy, control, and simplified wealth administration.

Fiduciary Transparency

Our 100% open architecture investment platform and transparent pricing structure guarantees complete alignment with the goals and objectives of the families we serve.

Generational Inclusion

Our customized approach to family engagement extends wealth horizons by incorporating different family voices and preparing the rising generation to be successful wealth stewards.

CFO Services: Sustainable Results with an Integrated Solution

Pitcairn’s CFO Services are specifically designed to complement an existing family office. Our team can work independently or in conjunction with your single family office professionals and advisors to provide complete support. Best-in-class tools and practices ensure an accurate and timely presentation of total family wealth.

Is a Shared Family Office the Next Step for Your Family?

What began as a single family office created by a company founder can, over time, grow into a hard-to-manage operation. The structure that was supposed to provide clarity and control can eventually create confusion, complexity, and cost. What was meant to be a wealth administration tool to empower future generations has devolved into an increasing burden for current family members and advisors.

In this Family Business Magazine article, Pitcairn President & CEO Andy Busser, shares 10 questions to consider to determine if your current single family office has outlived its purpose.