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Andy Busser Bodyshot
President & Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Busser

As CEO, Andy is responsible for guiding the firm’s client-centric culture and overseeing all of Pitcairn’s operations. His vision for the company is to continually evolve the Pitcairn client experience by enhancing the firm’s integrated approach to sophisticated family office services for multi-generational families.

Andy has a passion for solving complex problems. He also has a gift for establishing meaningful, lasting professional relationships. These traits were instrumental over the past decade as he spearheaded efforts to make Pitcairn’s client experience a standard of excellence for family office service.

His enthusiasm and curiosity inspire the entire Pitcairn team toward an unwavering focus on integration, innovation, and lifelong learning. Though known for his commitment to objective analysis, Andy sees Pitcairn as a driver of growth for both wealth and family relationships. His key priorities for Pitcairn are delivering an outstanding client experience, investing in talent, and leveraging technology.

Andy’s previous professional positions positioned him to acquire the knowledge, proficiency, and insight needed to steer a 100-year-old family office into its next century. Before becoming CEO in 2023, he served as Pitcairn’s President of Family Office, where he led the firm’s team of relationship managers, analysts, and client communications professionals. Prior to joining Pitcairn in 2015, Andy was a partner at Symphony Capital, a healthcare-focused investment manager of private equity and hedge funds, and a management consultant at The Wilkerson Group/Wilkerson Partners.

A steadfast advocate for the importance of helping families become successful stewards of wealth, Andy is an in-demand public speaker and frequently presents at events hosted by industry organizations, such as Family Wealth Alliance, Family Office Exchange, and Family Business Magazine’s Transitions and Family Business Legacy conferences. He is also sought out for his industry perspective by the business media and has been quoted in Barron’s, Bloomberg, Crain Currency, NPR, Family Business Magazine, and elsewhere. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes where he writes a column about issues relevant to family office operations.

Andy is a member of the Wigmore Association, a global collaboration of chief executive officers and chief investment officers from five leading family offices around the world. Additionally, he has served on multiple boards and is currently on the CEO Council of Family Wealth Alliance and is a trustee of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy.

A graduate of Colgate University, where he majored in history, Andy is naturally creative and enjoys painting, especially landscapes. He is an avid reader and usually travels with a history or economics book in hand. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Andy, his wife, and two sons now call suburban Philadelphia home. Whenever possible, Andy enjoys skiing in the Rockies or fishing the waters off Cape Cod.

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