Single Family Offices

When a single family office is powered by Pitcairn, it can take advantage of all the resources offered on our world-class platform, achieving significant economies of scale, and serving family members more effectively and efficiently. A single family office powered by Pitcairn harnesses the value of a true partnership that can be tailored to fit any family office at any stage of its evolution.

Paired with Wealth Momentum®, Pitcairn’s approach enhances and complements a family office’s existing structure, and delivers critical benefits:



Our services are fully customizable and designed to integrate with the family office structure you currently have in place, offering unprecedented levels of control and privacy for your family.

Advanced Technology

Our industry-leading technology and infrastructure leverages our decades of experience delivering single family office services. Technology considerations such as data security, consolidated reporting, and customizing family member access become tools that offer peace of mind rather than expensive burdens that require constant upgrades.


From comprehensive family office services to targeted support in key areas like budgeting, consolidated reporting, or tax planning, our approach can be tailored to your family’s exact needs while offering personalized expertise at the highest levels.


As your family needs evolve, our relationship evolves with you to meet the shifting needs of each family member and helps bring future generations into the fold. Our robust platform offers unmatched scale and value to help families and their family offices navigate wealth transitions.