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Family Office

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When a single family office is powered by Pitcairn, it can take advantage of all the resources offered on our world-class platform, achieving significant economies of scale, and serving family members more effectively and efficiently. Now you can harness the value of a true partnership that can be tailored to fit your family office at any stage of its evolution.

Helping your single family office evolve and adapt

Pitcairn has a unique approach to managing multigenerational wealth that comes from having been a family office for 100 years. Because of our extensive experience, you can have confidence in Pitcairn as a sustainable partner who can help you with your family’s wealth journey. 

Single Family Office Evolution

As your family grows, so does the complexity of your wealth and family dynamics. In this 30-minute video, Pitcairn’s President of Family Office Andy Busser is joined by Managing Director Laurie Martin and Director Dain Kistner, where they discuss several of the challenges facing today’s single family offices. Which of these challenges sounds familiar to you?

A Century
in the Making

Pitcairn was founded in 1923 by the family of industrial visionary, John Pitcairn. Now, in our sixth generation and working with 125 families, we know the potential and pitfalls that come with building a legacy. We’ve built our entire firm around better outcomes not just for today, but for generations to come.

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rethinking single family office

Rethinking your
single family office

Here are some issues that might spur a SFO to reimagine the way it operates.

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Our Approach

Partnership is the cornerstone of our work with families. Paired with our uniquely comprehensive Wealth Momentum® model, Pitcairn’s approach enhances your single family office’s existing structure, helping you maintain control and achieve enhanced flexibility and scale.

Specifically, our CFO Services are designed to support your current family office operation. Our team can work independently or in conjunction with your existing team to provide the complete support you need.  

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