About Us

After a Century, We Remain Innovators

A compelling record of wealth preservation and growth

Our entrepreneurial mindset drives innovation through collaboration: with you, your family and your trusted advisors. Pitcairn is one of the most respected thought leaders across the industry and around the world. As your partner, we will help you protect, grow, and keep more of your wealth, enabling you to achieve better outcomes year-to-year, decade-to-decade, generation-to-generation.

Defining what it means to serve families

Understanding families—truly listening to and hearing you—is the foundation of everything we do. Since our founding in 1923, we have consistently recognized one overarching truth: No two families are the same. This is why chemistry and achieving a true partnership with those we serve is so important to us and our clients, and why we only engage with a few, select new families each year. Our consistent delivery of an exceptional client experience—“The Pitcairn Experience”—is dependent on this.

An exceptional client experience

Bringing exceptional people, technology, and process together, our integrated planning and implementation has helped families become stronger, grow their investments, and build their legacies. Each member of your multi-disciplinary, multi-generational Pitcairn team, as well as our firm’s leadership will be proactive with our interaction and communication with you. You will also benefit from access to our global network of clients, intermediaries, and talented professionals—an exclusive set of trusted contacts and valuable resources.

We welcome the opportunity to gain insight into the challenges you face and the aspirations you and your family are pursuing.