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Dain Kistner

Director of Family Office Innovation

Dain is responsible for helping to guide Pitcairn’s technology strategy, supporting Pitcairn’s business development efforts, and supporting the Executive Team on a broad range of projects. A fifth generation Pitcairn family member, Dain is an elected member of Pitcairn’s Board of Directors, he is chair of the Capital Committee, and serves on the Family Council, which he chaired for 10 years.

Before assuming his current role, Dain served as Director of Family Office Strategy, coordinating the firm’s strategic planning and business process improvement initiatives across all aspects of the business. Previously, he was Chief Information Officer, managing all information systems and technology-based activities at Pitcairn, including systems design, programming, network planning, database management, web delivery, and computer operations. 

Prior to joining Pitcairn in 1999, Dain was Vice President at Bedminster Bioconversion Corporation. He served in a marketing capacity and was responsible for maintaining relationships with technology licensees, negotiating, drafting and approving new license agreements, and managing public relations and communications needs. 

Dain has an Executive MBA from Villanova University and a BA in Economics from Colgate University.

Dain is curious with an enthusiastic interest in a variety of activities, your classic jack-of-all-trades. A nature enthusiast who enjoys hiking and scuba diving, Dain hopes to someday dive the Great Barrier Reef. He loves to cook, particularly the art and science of pairing unique ingredients and flavors to create an experience … a process not unlike what he does for Pitcairn!